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Amazon Wholesale Sourcing Training Course

Wholesale Training Course

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock the last few years, you know there is an amazing opportunity to make money selling on Amazon.  There’s been a lot of information easily available for many different sourcing methods – specifically retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and private label (which seems to have been the rage the last few years).  While the hype machine has been rolling for these types of sourcing models, there has been one sourcing model in the background that few talk about.  This is the secret model that many companies have used for years to build up their businesses into multi million dollar empires.  What is this secret model?

Wholesale Sourcing.

This is a sourcing model that I personally started using in 2005 selling items on eBay.  It’s what started my online selling journey, which has now reached well over $25 million in total retail sales since inception.  Needless to say, there is a ton of money in wholesale sourcing.  But you know what’s crazy?  There’s very little, if any information available freely discussing this particular sourcing method.  There are some paid courses available – but nothing available for free that walks you through the entire process of wholesale sourcing start to finish.  This is what I set out to do:

Provide the first 100% FREE Wholesale Sourcing Blueprint.

This is going to be a major endeavor for me to cover everything I’ve learned about wholesale sourcing over the last twelve years.  There are a lot of things to cover, which means this training course is going to be split up into multiple parts, or “modules” right here on the blog.  I’ll go through each topic in thorough detail, so you can put things into action immediately.  As part of this training course, there will also be checklists, videos, and even taped conversations to help give you the best shot possible to land wholesale accounts.

You may be asking:  Why in the world would you give away this information for free?

Yes, I probably am crazy for giving away information for free that I could literally sell for $3,000 or more.  I could say “I just love helping people” – but that’s just marketing speak.  I’m going to be honest – my goal by offering this course for free is that you’ll join one of my paid services or coaching.  Some people like having some additional custom tailored help, and that’s where the services and coaching comes in.  But keep in mind, I’m not holding anything back.  All you literally need to do is follow this blueprint I’m going to lay out and you’ll have an amazing wholesale business.  If you think some of my services or coaching work for you – awesome.  If not, that’s OK too!  Still here?  Good!  Let’s immediately dive into what this training course will include.

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Click on any of the links below to jump to a specific part of a module.

Module 1:  Wholesale Mindset

Module 2: Wholesale Preparation

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Module 3: Value Propositions

Module 4: Wholesale Research

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Module 5: Wholesale Relationship Building (estimated release date: 10/2/2017)

  • Introduction to wholesale relationship building
  • Sales mindset and expectations
  • Making initial contact with suppliers
  • Follow up contacts with suppliers
  • Negotiating and closing deals with suppliers
  • Relationship building with suppliers

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!


I’ll be working diligently on making each module of this course available as soon as possible.  It will definitely take some time, because I won’t be short changing things.  Don’t necessarily expect the full course to go live immediately tomorrow, or even next week.  I have put the estimated release dates of each module above.  These aren’t GUARANTEED dates of release, but they are the dates I am shooting for.  Remember, I have an e-commerce business I am running at the same time.

If there are specific things you would like to make sure are added to the course while I am building it, please join the Grow Your Online Business Facebook Group and comment on this thread.  I want to make sure everything is covered, and all your questions are answered.

I would strongly recommend signing up for email alerts to be notified when the next module is available.  You’ll be the first to know!

I look forward to having fun creating this course, and seeing where it leads each of your businesses!

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Be The First To Know When The Next Module is Released!

Continue The Discussion

fb-artContinue the discussion about the Wholesale Sourcing Series in our FREE Private Facebook Group.  Not a member of the Grow Your Online Business Facebook Group yet? Join for FREE, where you can chat with like minded entrepreneurs that want to grow their businesses.

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I have created an exclusive community for 6 and 7 figure Amazon sellers.

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Here are just a few things that are included as part of the community:

  • Monthly webinars including Q&A with Chris
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    …and much more!

There are many amazing topics in our Facebook group that may interest you:

  • Is it safe to hand credit cards to virtual assistants overseas?
  • Resume sifting process when hiring employees
  • When and how to create multiple Amazon seller accounts
  • Ways to find leads for wholesale accounts
  • Figuring out which conferences / trade shows to visit
  • When to fire an employee
  • Looking up CamelCamelCamel and Keepa data in bulk for efficient processing
  • Scaling Retail Arbitrage to different cities
  • Amazing tips on how to create new Amazon listings from scratch and get them to rank well
  • Pros and Cons of RA vs. OA vs. Wholesale
  • How to handle Retailers cancelling orders for OA
  • Grocery Ungating Information
  • Pros and Cons of having your business as an S Corp vs. LLC
  • Places to find employees

If you are interested, check out more details here.

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  • Can’t wait for module 3. Judging from the quality and depth of the content so far, you’re really going above and beyond with these modules, Chris.

  • Patiently waiting for the next module. I see Module 4 has been postponed again. Any idea for a new date? Can’t wait 😀

  • Wow. These are extremely valuable lessons on here. I came across this just by luck, I had clicked on a random YouTube review and you were mentioned in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCqhdceqoac. I’m now a follower, signed up for the email listing too. I find your teaching style just perfect, and everything’s so thorough. Who needs videos? Though I’ll check those out too when they’re posted. I’m SUPER happy I discovered your site.

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