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Amazon Wholesale Sourcing Training Course

Wholesale Training Course
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Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock the last few years, you know there is an amazing opportunity to make money selling on Amazon.  There’s been a lot of information easily available for many different sourcing methods – specifically retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and private label (which seems to have been the rage the last few years).  While the hype machine has been rolling for these types of sourcing models, there has been one sourcing model in the background that few talk about.  This is the secret model that many companies have used for years to build up their businesses into multi million dollar empires.  What is this secret model?

Wholesale Sourcing.

This is a sourcing model that I personally started using in 2005 selling items on eBay.  It’s what started my online selling journey, which has now reached well over $25 million in total retail sales since inception.  Needless to say, there is a ton of money in wholesale sourcing.  But you know what’s crazy?  There’s very little, if any information available freely discussing this particular sourcing method.  There are some paid courses available – but nothing available for free that walks you through the entire process of wholesale sourcing start to finish.  This is what I set out to do:

Provide the best Wholesale Sourcing Training Available
Grab Your Free Wholesale Sourcing Guide!

This is going to be a major endeavor for me to cover everything I’ve learned about wholesale sourcing over the last twelve years.  There are a lot of things to cover, which means this training course is going to be split up into multiple parts, or “modules”.  I’ll go through each topic in thorough detail, so you can put things into action immediately.  As part of this training course, there will also be checklists, videos, and even taped conversations to help give you the best shot possible to land wholesale accounts.

You may be asking:  Why in the world would you invest your time teaching us?

Yes, I probably am crazy for taking the time away from my business to document my process. But there are so many “gurus'” selling courses for $6,000-$10,000 that I wanted to offerup my knowledge and deep experience for a REASONABLE investment, so more people can create this cashflow in their own lives.

I could say “I just love helping people” – but that’s just marketing speak.  I’m going to be honest – my goal by offering this course is that you’ll join one of my training course.  Some people like having some additional custom tailored help, and that’s where the services and coaching comes in.  But keep in mind, I’m not holding anything back.  All you literally need to do is follow this blueprint I’m going to lay out and you’ll have an amazing wholesale business.  If you think some of my coaching work for you – awesome.  If not, that’s OK too!  Still here?  Good!  Let’s immediately dive into what this training course will include.

Click on any of the links below to jump to a specific part of a module.

Module 1:  Wholesale Mindset

Module 2: Wholesale Preparation

Module 3: Value Propositions

Module 4: Wholesale Research

Module 5: Wholesale Relationship Building

This completes the Wholesale System Course!  Soon, I will be releasing an ADVANCED version of the course with additional training and modules.  If you want to be notified when it’s ready, make sure you get on the mailing list below!



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Barbara Drazga

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  • Can’t wait for module 3. Judging from the quality and depth of the content so far, you’re really going above and beyond with these modules, Chris.

  • Patiently waiting for the next module. I see Module 4 has been postponed again. Any idea for a new date? Can’t wait 😀

  • Wow. These are extremely valuable lessons on here. I came across this just by luck, I had clicked on a random YouTube review and you were mentioned in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCqhdceqoac. I’m now a follower, signed up for the email listing too. I find your teaching style just perfect, and everything’s so thorough. Who needs videos? Though I’ll check those out too when they’re posted. I’m SUPER happy I discovered your site.

  • Hey Chris, thanks for the post.
    I have never done wholesaling, so got a couple of questions here.
    1) Is it possible do buy wholesale as an ordinary consumer, not a company? I do not have a LLC.
    2) Can ppl who are not in the US use your method with no problem?
    3) Do your suppliers provide us invoices for the products to be sold on Amazon?

    • Hi! Thanks for the questions! Here’s some answers:

      1) If you are doing it as an “ordinary consumer”, you would be considered a “sole proprietor” for legal purposes. Legally, you can buy them. However, most legitimate companies will ask for a resale license, which you will need an entity to apply for.
      2) There are many people outside the US using these strategies.
      3) Suppliers would issue invoices, yes.

  • Hey Man, I recall e-mailing myself this link sometime during the summer when I was listing some books I bought while thrifting. I have decided that thrifting for books is no longer my thing, although I have scaled to $3k/month rev from $5 in 1/2017. It’s too dirty, however, I have shifted to wholesale and have my resale certificate, ungated in several categories and now going from sole proprietor to LLC. DOPE content look forward to learning from you

  • Hi Chris, this is good stuff. I’m retired and moving to Fl. as soon as my rental property sales. Looking into the RA business for the last month but would much rather do this. I have no Amazon or sales experience. About how long does it take before I can even think about hiring Virtual Assistants.

    • Thanks for the great feedback! I would suggest knowing the basics of whatever you are looking to hire out prior to hiring someone. This ensures you can hold them accountable for the job they are doing, and can spot the signs weather they are doing a good job or not.

      In theory, you could hire a VA on day 1. It’s all a matter of how much working capital you have. If your working capital is tight, I would recommend holding off until you absolutely need a Virtual Assistant.

  • I have been curious about the wholesale system for a while, and with the recent bombardment of ads for high end courses at high end rates I am considering starting a wholesale business and having experience with private label and arbitrage this seems like the right evolution

    I like the idea of paying for mentorship instead of paying for courses which you provide free ( thanks by the way)

    What can you tell me about the mentorship program


    • I think you are definitely thinking right. Almost all of the info that you’ll find in any “high end” courses are available for free. It’s mainly navigating through the info and determining the correct strategy is the hardest part. Plus, having someone help hold you accountable for doing what you should be doing. These are all things the courses typically don’t offer.

      Here’s what I offer in regards to mentorship and accountability: http://www.lessonslearnedinbusiness.com/work-with-me/

  • So many No’s from many brand owners, it aint like it used to be. What do you do when they say everyone else is bringing value too? or what do you say to all the No’s? Its been extremely difficult trying to get accounts.

    • If they are bringing value, you have to bring more. What makes you better than the next guy? Do you specialize in a specific niche? Have you built audiences that you can bring to their product?

      It’s also possible you are looking in the wrong places. Have you gone deeper into Amazon’s catalog looking for items no one else is? Are you looking for companies that aren’t on Amazon yet? Have you started networking with local business people (chambers of commerce?) to see if there are any manufacturers?

      Are there ways you can make brand owners come looking for you, instead of the other way around? Start putting out content showing how you can help brand owners. Send emails to the brand owners with this content. At some point, if they said No before, if you can establish you are an authority, they may say yes later. Are there places where brand owners congregate? What websites are they visiting, who are they talking to? How can you put yourself in front of them at these places?

      Finally, if you say “well, I have no clients, so I can’t do anything”…think about pro-bono work. Offer to do things for companies for free to get your ‘portfolio’ up. Is there a non-profit you can partner with for free? Maybe fix listings for free, offer to do keyword research, offer to help with social media. There are lots of things you can do for companies to show value.

  • Hi Chris – I found your site via a review comment you made of another person’s paid ninja course. I was wondering how relevant your course is with regards to changing requirements/rules with Amazon etc. I am newby to FBA and am keen to see if this is the right direction / fit without the BS.

    • Hi! It’s still quite relevant. All the basic strategies in the course still work. There will always be changes within Amazon you have to keep up on, so there are always various things you need to know. But the basics outlined on this site are still relevant.

  • Hey Chris, thanks for this great content. Quick question regarding starting a wholesale business with an LLC:

    As a resident of California, am I able to set up an LLC with another state, and with that LLC, obtain a California Seller’s permit? Or would I have to have the LLC based out of California? I also intend to do business from Japan in the future using that business, so I’m curious about that as well.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi!

      I’m not a attorney, so I’m not exactly sure on the right answer for this. I do know you can create an LLC in another state and obtain a California resale permit (we’ve done this). However, with you being based in California, you may need to register your LLC with the state of California. That I’m not entirely sure. I would recommend contacting a local attorney to be sure.

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