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Introduction to Wholesale Relationship Building – Wholesale Course Module 5 Part 1

Free Wholesale System - Module 5

Welcome back to our Free Wholesale Training Course!  In module 4, we discussed how to find wholesale leads for your Wholesale Amazon Business.  You should now know how to track leads, and understand what a CRM is.  Using the Demand Based Sourcing method, you can now find high volume products to resell on Amazon.  You’ve also learned how to dive deep into a niche and use trade show websites to find wholesale leads.  Once you learned those two methods, you put them together to do all the work quickly by using the Bulk Product Sourcing method.  Finally, you now understand how important relationships are when it comes to finding wholesale leads.

In case you forgot why I’m creating this course, or want to see a full outline of all the modules, check out the introduction post to the Free Wholesale System.  Also, if you ever want to come back to that page, and you want something easy to remember, you can go directly to FreeWholesaleSystem.com, which will take you directly to that post.

Here’s the layout of this module:

Module 5: Wholesale Relationship Building

You can click on each of the links above to go directly to the area of the module the best interests you.  That being said, let’s get right into the content!

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Have a Philippines VA? It’s Time To Pay The 13th Month.

13th month

If you have Virtual Assistants (VA’s) from the Philippines, it’s time to pay back to your contractors.

It is customary for employees in the Philippines to receive something called the 13th Month. Basically, it’s a Christmas bonus equal to a full months pay. You can read some FAQ’s about it here.  The Philippine government stresses that it is mandatory for all private businesses in the Philippines to make the extra month payment in December for all “rank and file” employees. Just like we have labor laws in the United States, this is one of their labor laws.

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