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Introduction to Value Propositions to Sell Wholesale on Amazon – Wholesale Course Module 3 Part 1

Wholesale System Module 3
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Welcome back to our Free Wholesale Training Course!  In module 2, we discussed how to start building a foundation for your Wholesale Amazon Business.  You now know how the buy box works, and how the Amazon Best Seller Rank works.  You are also a ninja in analyzing competition and potential sales volume, because you fully understand how to calculate ROI and Margin.  You are also prepared for the long haul, because you’ve determined what your long term strategy is, and you’ve set your personal buying guidelines.  Your sourcing arrow is pointed at the right wholesale targets, because you know how to determine if a website is the brand owner.  Finally, you are feeling like Bob Vila, because your wholesale sourcing tool belt is locked and loaded.

In case you forgot why I’m creating this course, or want to see a full outline of all the modules, check out the introduction post to the Free Wholesale System.  Also, if you ever want to come back to that page, and you want something easy to remember, you can go directly to FreeWholesaleSystem.com, which will take you directly to that post.

Here’s the layout of this module:

Module 3:  Value Propositions

You can click on each of the links above to go directly to the area of the module the best interests you.  That being said, lets get right into the content!

Want to skip reading the massive wall of text?  After the entire course is released, I will make videos for each of the sections for easier consumption.  Make sure you are on our mailing list to be notified when it’s released!

Introduction to Value Propositions

Welcome to the part of the course where we start to define your “offer”.  In order words, what are you offering to brands in order to sell their products?

value tiles

Let’s do a short history lesson on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.  When I started buying items wholesale in 2005, selling on eBay and Amazon was a novelty for suppliers.  Your value proposition at that point was as simple as “I’ll sell your stuff for you”.  As time has went on, there has been more and more sellers piling on to these marketplaces, which means more and more competition.  Now, suppliers are fully aware of Amazon as a selling channel, and you calling them to say “I’ll sell your stuff for you” is the same thing they’ve heard from 100 other people.  It’s just not unique anymore like it was in 2005.

“If more and more sellers are selling items on Amazon, then why should I bother buying items wholesale?”

Great question!  The answer?  “Because you have unique value you can bring to brands”.

You might not know what that unique value is right now.  That’s ok!  This entire module is about figuring out what your unique value is, and how you can bring it to brands.

By the end of this module, this is what you will learn:

  • What a value proposition is.
  • What the different types of value propositions are, and how you can utilize them to land wholesale accounts.
  • How to optimize and create new Amazon listings.
  • How to identify opportunities for bundling products.
  • How to build social media accounts.
  • How to build a company website.

Let’s get started!

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Continue on to Module 3 Part 2: Defining value propositions

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