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Set Your Mind Right For Wholesale Sourcing – Wholesale Course Module 1 Part 1

Wholesale Training Course
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In my previous post, I introduced something crazy – a full blown Wholesale Training Course for FREE.  In that post, I explained why I am making this course, and outlined exactly what will be covered over the eight different modules it will have.

Today, I release module 1: Wholesale Mindset.  This particular module starts your journey toward learning wholesale.  For seasoned Amazon sellers, a lot of this may be re-hash, or not even necessary.  If it is, I’m sorry!  Come back for modules 3-4, which is when the real meat of the course takes off.

Here’s the layout of this module:

Module 1:  Wholesale Mindset

You can click on each of the links above to go directly to the area of the module the best interests you.  That being said, lets get right into the content!

Want to skip reading the massive wall of text?  After the entire course is released, I will make videos for each of the sections for easier consumption.  Make sure you are on our mailing list to be notified when it’s released!

Introduction to Wholesale Mindset


It’s possible you may already sell on Amazon using one of these different sourcing methods: Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Private Label, or Closeouts / Liquidations.  If you do, that’s a good thing!  There are a lot of things to know about wholesale sourcing, and one of them is to understand the basics of the selling channel you are planning on selling on. The biggest selling channel right now is Amazon, so you are already in a good place.  In addition, if you are selling some things already, you likely have a good base to work on.  You have an idea of how listings work on Amazon, how FBA works, and many other nuances that come with selling online for the first time.  This course doesn’t go into any of the basics of selling on Amazon, so if you have never sold on Amazon before, I would strongly recommend visiting the Amazon Seller University course Amazon themselves put together.  It’s free, and explains the basics of how to sell on Amazon.  Go there, learn the basics, and then come back when you are ready.

If you are looking to sell on other channels such as eBay, Walmart, Amazon.co.uk, or your own website, this course doesn’t go into specific details of how each of those selling channels work.  However, we will have an introduction and links on how to learn those details later in module 3.

In this module, we’ll go over some specific things you’ll need to do to get your mindset correct moving into wholesale sourcing.  There are many differences and similarities between the above mentioned sourcing methods, which we will go over.  There are some skill sets that you will either need to have or hire for in order to be successful at wholesale sourcing.  We’ll discuss what those are, and how you can build those up.  You should be thinking wholesale all the time – even if you are continuing other sourcing methods.  We’ll discuss why later in this module.  Finally, there are a lot of fancy terms and lingo you may not be familiar with, and we will make sure you fully understand what they are and how they are connected.

By the end of this module, this is what you will learn:

  • What the differences and similarities are between sourcing models, and how you can use them to your advantage.
  • What skill sets will make you successful in wholesale sourcing.
  • How to change your thinking to have wholesale in your mind all the time.
  • Wholesale terminology and lingo that you’ll hear throughout this course, and during conversations with other brands.


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Continue on to Module 1 Part 2: Differences Between Product Sourcing Methods

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